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We are at a crucial moment where all stakeholders across various sectors must come together and act for the common good, as there is no time to lose. At Traza, we make a genuine commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and we uphold that "sustainable consumption and production entail promoting resource and energy efficiency, sustainable infrastructure, and providing access to basic services, green and decent jobs, and a better quality of life for all."


B CORP: Traza enters the market with an innovative approach backed by a team with numerous years of professional experience. This team has managed to identify a crucial area for improvement in the value chain related to the buying and selling of furniture, accessories, and equipment, covering everything from design to material selection, transportation, and storage.

The decision to join the B Corp movement reflects Traza’s public commitment to continuous improvement in five key areas of impact: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. This challenge defines Traza’s mission and represents a transformative process that guides its medium and long-term vision. Traza supports and identifies with the promotion of an inclusive and sustainable economy, capable of generating prosperity for all people.

Currently, there are more than 7,000 B Corp companies worldwide, spanning 150 industries and 84 countries. Additionally, more than 200,000 companies use the B Impact Assessment.

AMBIT: Traza is a member of the AMBIT cluster, a space where professionals and companies in the habitat and contract sector share concerns and collaborate on activities and projects, contributing their perspective to the debate on the changes needed in the industry. AMBIT has over 150 companies representing the entire value chain, from raw material and semi-finished product producers to manufacturers of various habitat products (furniture, flooring and coatings, lighting, home textiles, home automation, etc.), as well as wholesale and retail distribution. Knowledge providers such as technology companies, universities, and technological centers are also part of its ecosystem.


We are a new independent voice that reconciles the interests of our clients and suppliers to enhance the impact on the industry. We ally with movements and clusters at the national and international levels to contribute to the transformation of all actors involved in our process. Additionally, we provide information about upcoming changes in circularity matters.
We work towards the adoption of a new type of design that allows us to offer tailored solutions that enhance design and incorporate the latest trends. We select, sell, and distribute furniture, equipment, textiles, lighting, and decoration that you need to ensure your project meets your initial vision, providing style and innovation down to the last detail, hand in hand with the best brands.
We guarantee that your selection goes beyond the norm and meets the quality and sustainability criteria demanded by the market today. We are committed to transparency, providing detailed information and documentation on all materials to ensure their proper traceability and compliance with the highest standards.
We manage projects from start to finish, serving as your sole point of contact throughout the process, and we also offer complementary services if needed, with our team of professionals accompanying you every step of the way, ensuring that all details are covered.

Barand Selection



Traza selects suppliers aligned with our vision for the future of the industry, who therefore maintain a strong commitment by subscribing to the Global Compact and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations, as well as the respective legislations of each country in defense of sustainability, essential conditions for joining our supplier network. The supplier pre-assessment process examines three main parameters: Legal status, Production processes, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Following the monitoring of these parameters, we establish a ‘Traza Coefficient’ that allows us to make selections for our clients with a numerical calculation of the total impact. Once we begin working with a supplier, control mechanisms continue after the pre-assessment work: Biennial revalidation of suppliers, Re-evaluation of traceability, and Certification tracking.


Legal status: Verification of compliance with all legislative frameworks specific to the sector and the authenticity of the provided data.


Processes: Evaluation of the selection of raw materials, production processes and supply chains for the production of furniture, accessories and equipment.


Corporate Social Responsibility: Analysis of the ethical code, work environment, good governance, environment, social and economic aspects.


Supplier revalidation: Verifying its legal status, production processes and corporate social responsibility.


Traceability evaluation: Reevaluation of products and extraction of the 'Traza Coefficient' for the brands we work with.


Tracking certifications: Checking the monitoring and compliance of the 'Traza Coefficient' over time.